The Smiths – The Many Faces Of The Smiths (Limited Edition Marbled Gray Vinyl)

Redefining an 80s generation of disillusioned youth caused by Britain’s inane ability to rid itself of the poverty and turmoil of the era, The Smiths were the neo-intellectual person’s answer to the dullness surrounding them. As is so often the case, the sum of The Smiths parts was always less than the whole, the group’s influence on modern rock music incalculable, their unique sound echoing through the strains of countless indie success stories and untold hopefuls alike. The Smiths provided a guitar-based alternative to the synth-pop sounds of so many other early 80s UK bands, paving the way for the 90s Brit-pop explosion, and the Smiths’ distinct LPs are still studied by millions of sensitive types all over the world. In this chapter of our The Many Faces series, we will explore The Smiths´ unparalleled repertoire and a fantastic early live performance of the band. With stellar artwork and remastered sound, The Smiths are the most recent addition to our The Many Faces Collection in vinyl.

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