Lewis Capaldi ‎– Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (Record Store Day 2020 Exclusive, Limited Edition, Extended Edition, Clear Vinyl)

“There is no better feeling than that first minute after you’ve written a good song,” Lewis Capaldi says. “I hate sitting in a recording studio, because you’re taking something you love, making it really, really shit and then trying to bring it back to the point where you love it again.” Now, to know the Scottish singer-songwriter—even just from Twitter—is to know we’re dealing with one of pop’s more self-effacing stars. It’s one of a few traits he shares with fellow heartbreak documentarian Adele. His debut album makes good on the promise teased across singles “Bruises” and “Someone You Loved.” It’s a ballsy, timeless breakup album of skyscraping ballads that we’re convinced required very little studio rehab.

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