Feist ‎– The Reminder (White Vinyl)

Here are the things you need to know about Feist in order to fall in love with ‘The Reminder’. She’s much more that just a torch leaning against the ballad with the one spotlight on her. In past lives, she was a shout battle of the bands teen queen in a Calgary punk band. She breathed life into surreal sock puppets alongside her electro-trash friend peaches. She made bashful indie boys swoon with her fronting Canadian indie rock genre definers Broken Social Scene. She made vaudeville futuristic while flanking Berlin underground presidency candidate Gonzales. She’s been placed in the role of the most unlikely fashion icon. But mostly she’s a tomboy who doesn’t really do make-up. Nobody, least of all Feist, anticipated the response listeners around the world would have to her (first solo album) ‘Let It Die’. Half a million albums sold, gigs around the world sold out, awards were won. Her name appeared in best of the year lists. All of a sudden, a girl who was barely an unknown secret outside of Canada was very much on the global musical radar. her response? To keep touring. Thirty-three months and three continents were covered.

Her album ‘The Reminder’ was written and conceptualised on the way. recorded in just two weeks in a 200 year old manor house on the outskirts of Paris, it’s players include Gonzales, Jamie Lidell, Mocky and Erik Glambek Boe of the Kings Of Convenience. they filled the dining room and parlour with a piano, vibraphones, organs, guitars, amps…shoves two drum kits against the stained glass windows and scattered microphones like mousetraps around wood-floored rooms. It’s hard not to be floored by the breadth and depth of the material on ‘the reminder’, as represented here. My Moon My Man, with it’s sucker-punch melody tumbling over hard-soul piano chords. the jangly dusty in Memphis teen dream paean 1234. live fave ‘Sealion’, the traditional chant famously covered by Nina Simone, got propelled into the stratosphere with cell phone sounding synths, handclaps and a backing mini gospel choir. ‘I Feel It All’, with it’s joyous gusto, and finally, the shimmering, ‘Plaintive The Park’, showcasing Feist’s stunning vocals, in this beautiful reflection of London’s green haunts. In some ways, ‘The Reminder’ is more Feist than anything she’s done before, but don’t take our word for it; you need to hear it.

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