Coheed And Cambria – Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV Volume Two: No World For Tomorrow

The fourth album by Coheed and Cambria may win a number of titles including Longest Continuing Storyline (four albums’ worth), and perhaps Biggest Cajones for continuing in their unabashedly un-hip career path as prog-metal revivalists, sounding much like Rush, Queensryche, and even Thin Lizzy at times. These guys clearly possess tons of chutzpa, hair to match (seriously, if you’ve never seen guitarist/vocalist’s Claudio Sanchez’s hair on a live stage, seek out a video clip), and pure rock’n’roll blood in their veins. Fans of metal and emo-core rightly consider C&C to rule the heap of the less commercial brand of the genre, as the band continues to stretch out and try new things on every release. In what may be the final installment in the their sci-fi libretto about a couple, Coheed and Cambria, raising their children in an apocalyptic world (soccer games and homework are not, it’s safe to say, themes of the day), there is more a feel of the street than of the theater, and Sanchez’ vocals safely reach just outside the range dominated for so long by Geddy Lee.  The title track slips into a majestic pace, showcasing thrilling vocals and some truly compelling guitar bits, while “The Hound (of Blood and Rank)” feels especially new and inspired. This is Jack Black turf, but done with the purest of intention and deepest passion. If rock theatrics are not your thing, click your “back” button now.

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